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Wesleyan Women Own the Night
It’s that time of year again! Wesleyan’s Third Annual Women’s Studies Symposium took place on March 29th, 2011. This event is a celebration of our amazing Wesleyan sisters who bravely share slimmed down versions of their brilliant research.
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Books for Busy College Students For many of us who are avid readers, going to college limits the amount of time that we have to read for our own personal enjoyment. Therefore, here are some tips so that you can keep reading, even when you are overloaded with school work and activities.
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The Great Kahuna Takes Wesleyan College
Enjoy the luau sideshow at last Thursday’s lunch of Wesleyannes socializing and having fun!
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Top 5 Tips of How to Survive STUNT The month of February is a time to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Black History Month, but at Wesleyan February takes on special significance. Yes, as of February 6th STUNT month is upon us once again. As a sophomore I do not have an incredible amount of experience when it comes to participating in STUNT, but I still have some helpful tips for ensuring that STUNT month is as smooth going and enjoyable as it should be.
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A Midterm Message This discussion was sponsored by the Lane Center and included the first women to integrate the Wesleyan Campus in 1968. These women are Carolyn McClinton Woodard, Marvette Baldwin Jenkins, Sonya Tomlinson Holland, and Dyleane Tolbert Taylor.
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Sisterhood of the Traveling Legacy
The first five may never have shared a pair of jeans for the summer. However, what they did share was more special than a pair of jeans. They changed and made history. Disclaimer: this is a retraction in order to correct an error made in the article last spring. Reread and enjoy.
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