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‘Tis the Season to be Scary

This article is a reprint from last year’s Halloween issue. Enjoy!

By Danielle Walden
Staff Reporter

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is right around the corner, so to kick off the haunting season, we decided to give you a few scary facts about the city of Macon. Also included are a few stories guaranteed to keep you up at night. One story coming from our own campus! So get ready to sleep with the lights on and hide under the covers. Think you’re brave enough? Go ahead and read on!

Around Town

There have been reports of what appears to be the ghost of an elderly woman at the Hay House. In August of 2003, the Examiners of Paranormal Sites (EOPS) visited the Hay House. An excerpt from their report, “The room has either one or two spirits in it, which can be felt and heard. Standing outside the back door, the spirit(s) tap on the glass to get people’s attention and will respond to questions if asked in tapping responses like one hit for yes and two for no.” There have also been sightings of ghosts at the Georgia Children’s Museum, Rose Hill Cemetery, and the downtown offices of The 11th Hour.

Spooks on Campus

Many have heard the stories of ghosts and strange noises on our campus. Some students say, “After midnight you can hear strange crying and yells, but no one is outside.” Below is one of the most common stories heard on campus, as told by Jacqueline Clark.

“There are two mirrors currently in the theater, one on either side of the staircases leading to the basement.** One of them was brought over from the old campus, while the other was a replica. There were once three mirrors, and in the old campus theater they were all put on stage. One young lady had tried her hardest to enter a sorority and was rejected. Crestfallen but determined, she came up with a plan to make the sororities feel horrible for their decision. She decided to fake her own death with a false suicide. So one night so went into the theater and prepared for her trick, planning to make it appear that she had hung herself from the rafters. So, she found the rope, prepared the faux noose and waited. When the time came for the girl to act out her trick something went horrible wrong. The girl had miscalculated and accidentally hung herself! When she was found the only part of her that could initially be seen were her skirts and feet reflected in the mirrors swinging back and forth. It has been said that due to this tragedy that sororities were abolished on campus in hopes of preventing another accident like this one. As of today only one of the mirrors in the theater is an original. The other is a replica and the third mirror is rumored to be locked away somewhere. Some people believe that if you bring all three mirrors together at night on the stage, you can see the ghost of the young girl that hung herself, her feet and skirts swaying gently from side to side.”

**The mirrors referred to in this article have since been moved to either sides of the front doors in the Porter Auditorium lobby.


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