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ADVICE| What’s a Girl to Do?

By Lulu
Advice Columnist

I’d like to start off this first column by introducing myself to all you fantastic women of Wesleyan. My name is Lulu (well, not really but that’s what you can call me), and I’m here to offer up my advice. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Um… I’m not telling some random chick my problems.” And I totally understand. I mean, I could be some psycho for all you know. The truth is, though, that I’m a student just like you. I’ve seen, heard, and experienced many of the things you’re going through, and if I haven’t, I’ll still try and help. I’m here to listen and give you my thoughts. You can take the advice, or choose to ignore me. Either way, I’m still here. Whether your questions are serious or down-right hilarious, I will try my best to answer as many as possible.

The first topic I’d like to address is roommate problems. I’d imagine almost every student goes through this at some point in their college career. Roommate problems can range from minimal to the very severe. Most of the time, these problems can be solved by COMMUNICATION. That’s the word of the day, folks. Communication is a key component in any relationship, but especially when you are having roommate problems. If your roommate does something that bothers you, tell her. Chances are she doesn’t even know that she’s done something wrong.

My freshman year was filled with communication issues with me, my roommate, my new friends, and even my suitemates. If people understand where you are coming from, they won’t be quite as mad or so quick to shun you. So ladies, talk it out. The next time your roomie eats your last strawberry Pop-Tart, confront her in a totally non-threatening way and let her know that’s not cool. But if the matter is more extreme and can’t be resolved by talking things out, ask a friend whom you trust to mediate. You need someone to be in the room with you and your roommate to try and work out your differences without making a scene. Of course, if all else fails, get a new roommate. It might save you and your roomie’s life.

I hope to start receiving some questions from you about what you’re having trouble with in your life. Talking to someone always helps, and I enjoy listening. So get to it, women of Wesleyan. Let me hear your problems. Your identity will be kept anonymous unless you indicate otherwise. Email me at lulu.advice@gmail.com

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The Wesleyan Word is the official student newspaper of Wesleyan College. Operated and produced by students, The Word is printed twice per month during the fall and spring semesters. Online editions are released every Wednesday throughout the school year. Wesleyan College is a 4-year private residential college for women in Macon, Georgia. Established in 1836, Wesleyan College is the first college in the world to charter degrees to women.


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