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Diversity on Campus: Muslims on Campus

By Amanda Awanjo and Krystal Miller
Staff Reporters

While the United States is a nation known for its diplomacy, and celebration of different cultures and ideals beyond any other country, it still has a long way to go. Imagine that you lived in a country where misunderstandings that have nothing to do with you personally, color the way people view your moral and faith – welcome to the life of a young Muslim.

Islamic extremists have taken a way of life grounded in peace, and twisted it into a perverted version of the original. This horrific twist has caused the religion Islam and its followers to be misrepresented as untrustworthy. This false idea colors the thoughts of Americans: A poll conducted by CNN revealed that four out of ten Americans believe Muslims can’t be trusted. Disappointed by this news Pirate Shareefah Abdulqudir said, “Muslims are humans living with everyone else. If Muslims can’t be trusted then Hindus, Buddhists, Christians all can’t be trusted because we’re all the same, and I’d do the same for you”.

Do these stigmas exist at Wesleyan College? When asked, Pirate Humaira Taz said, “Yes many people have these misconceptions but, I haven’t had that on campus. I can very easily follow my religion.” Abdulqudir agrees, she says of being on a predominantly Christian campus, “It helps maintain a strong point of view on my beliefs; one no is imposing on me.” Both girls believe, it is up to us and future generations to change the stigmas and misconceptions. Abdulqudir deeply believes that if people just did their research and not relied on media images, they would find that the images are “not true, not honest.” Humaira Taz said added, “In order to promote world unity, both sides will have to work. Future generations have a good chance, views are getting modernized and people want to be globalized.”


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