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Curricular Changes in the Works

By Dana Amihere

As part of a long-term plan, the curriculum will undergo changes in order to streamline majors and minors. An Academic Strategic Planning Committee has been charged to draft a proposal which will be presented to the trustees for voting next week.

The Academic Strategic Planning Committee (ASPC) is comprised of faculty members to represent the spectrum of stakeholders in global changes to the curriculum. The four academic divisions are represented by a faculty member in that area of study: Nadine Whitney, Fine Arts; Dr. Regina Oost, Humanities; Dr. Glenda Ferguson, Math/Science; and Dr. Jim Rowan, Social Sciences. Similarly, the Curriculum Committee and Faculty Council are represented by chairwomen Dr. Libby Bailey and Dr. Teresa Smotherman. The ASPC is rounded out by the Registrar, Pat Hardeman and Vivia Fowler, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College. Board of Trustees Chair, Gina Franklin, was invited to participate in the committee’s discussion, albeit as a non-voting member.

According to Dean Fowler, the ASPC was formed as a follow up to budget cuts to meet the college’s long and short term goals. The committee met throughout the summer to review the entire curriculum. The proposal which resulted from their analysis of courses and programs will be sent to the Board of Trustees for approval next week at the trustees’ annual meeting. Although Wesleyan’s trustees do not make curricular changes per se, they do vote to approve any programmatic changes within the college.

The proposed curricular changes are part of a process which will take two years to fully implement. Fowler declined to comment on any specific changes detailed by the proposal until after it has been approved. However, she did offer that, “The Board [of Trustees] will do what the faculty recommend, and the faculty will endorse [the decision]”. Additionally, she hopes that students will be open to the changes made as, “We [the administration] will always do what’s for the good of the college.”


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