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HUMOR| Electronic Cigarettes?!

By Amber Campbell
Humor Columnist

I have recently discovered something that seems like it should be more popular than it really is. It is electronic cigarettes. That’s right, cigarettes that are smokeless, fireless and less harmful to the user. These cigarettes can give the user enough nicotine to make the person feel like they are smoking, but they have none of the harmful chemicals and they are cheaper. At this point I keep thinking, “Hey electronic cigarettes, I’m proud of you and I’m gonna let you finish, but real cigarettes have the best nicotine of all time.” Cigarettes have been around for almost a century and now something has come along to challenge them. In a world where everything is becoming battery powered it makes me wonder: what is next to go?

On the bright side, cigarette companies now have something to complain about. So the next time the people from TRUTH have a commercial about the millions of babies that cigarettes kill, the cigarette company can make a commercial about how much energy it takes to charge the electronic cigarettes.

Not only do electronic cigarettes look and feel like real ones, but they also produce a vapor that can be blown into the face of people passing by. But it’s okay because the vapor isn’t harmless, just annoying. Now people can “smoke” their electronic cigarettes anywhere. So the next time you see someone exhale a strange cloud of something in a non-smoking zone breath easy because it just might be fake smoke from a fake cigarette being smoked by someone that is lying to themselves with every inhalation of the LED light.


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