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ADVICE| Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

    What’s A Girl to Do? Advice and Insight from Lulu!

Hello ladies,

It’s me again, the Advice Girl. I’ve been thinking, and I’d like to talk about long distance relationships with you. Keep reading, I swear it won’t get boring. I’m not just talking about long distance relationships with your significant other; I’m also talking about long distance friendships. As college girls, you’ve probably made tons of new friends, but what about the old ones? You know the people you spent all your summers and weekends with when you were in high school? Yeah, them. It’s hard to maintain those relationships when you move on to college, especially if you are far away from home. Here are some sure-fire ways to keep in contact with your long distance pals:

  • Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. (we all use these, make sure you leave a comment or wall post saying how much you love ‘em).

  • Call them on the phone (lame, I know… but it means a lot if you do it every once in a while).

  • Mail yourself in a package. (just kidding…sorta.)

  • Send them a card (we all love getting mail, it will make their day).

  • Make weekend trips to see each other (if it’s possible and affordable).

    Hopefully these suggestions will keep you feeling close to your old friends. It’s important to keep contact in some way. Then there are those relationships that are harder to keep together. If you have boyfriend or a girlfriend that is far away, you will have to work extra hard to keep up the relationship. Do what you can to stay in touch. Call, text, make visits, and any other things you can think of, but remember, school should be important too. Don’t talk on the phone with your boyfriend for two hours every night if you should be studying.

    I have also discovered this magical new way to keep in contact with those you love. It’s called SKYPE. If you don’t know what it is, Google it, then download it. Skype is fan-freaking-tastic. Skype is basically a messenger service where you can talk face to face with people from all over the world… FOR FREE. If you have a webcam, and your friend has a webcam, get on Skype and try it out. It’s fun and easy, but don’t waste precious study hours on it. Make a “Skype Date” once a week and catch up with your friends and lovers.

    Hope this has helped someone out there. Long distance relationships are tough, but they can be done. You have to really want it. Stick with it, it may be worth the work.

    Until next time,
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    Lulu is the resident advice columnist for the Word. She answers questions from the lovely ladies of Wesleyan. Send your questions, serious or lighthearted, to lulu.advice@gmail.com Your identity will remain anonymous if indicated in your message.
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