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ADVICE| Going Home for the Holidays

By Lulu
Advice Columnist

    What’s A Girl to Do? Advice and Insight from Lulu!

Well, howdy folks. Long time no see! It’s me, Lulu. I’m sure you are all counting down the days until Thanksgiving break, (don’t worry, I am too), so I thought I’d write this article about going home for the holidays. Some of you LOVE going home, spending time with your family, and chowing down on good food. But I know there are some of you are dreading the awkward kisses from your Aunt Mertle, the weird Jell-O fruit dessert thing, babysitting your cousins, and having to answer questions about how great college is.

weird thanksgiving

Is this Thanksgiving at your house? Lulu's got you covered. Photo via Eons.

Now let’s be fair, usually Thanksgiving food is pretty fantastic. But what if it isn’t? What if your mom made some “amazing” new casserole that ended up tasting like feet? What should you do? In my opinion, I would just grin and bear it. Don’t break her pretty little heart. Let someone else tell her it tastes awful. You won’t starve, there’s got to be something that tastes good on the table. And when you get bombarded by hundreds of questions from all your relatives about your classes, dating, sports, and so on, just be polite and answer them (you might want to leave out minor details…if you feel so inclined). If all else fails, excuse yourself to the bathroom to hide. Just make sure you take some pumpkin pie in there with you to enjoy.

Thanksgiving should be a time to…well…be thankful. So don’t stress about your annoying little cousins or your weird uncle. Try and make the best out of the situation. At least you’ll get some yummy food while you’re at it. Take this opportunity to enjoy the little things in life, like having a family that loves you, even with all their weirdness. You’ll be thankful for them someday.

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Lulu is the resident advice columnist for the Word. She answers questions from the lovely ladies of Wesleyan. Send your questions, serious or lighthearted, to lulu.advice@gmail.com Your identity will remain anonymous if indicated in your message.
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