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Dangers of Social Networking

By Nur-Taz Rahman
Copy Editor

Mr. Larry Najera, a multimedia communications designer and web marketing guru, was invited by the Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi) fraternity on campus to speak about the “Dangers of Social Networking.” This event was part of the annual Fiscal Fitness series, which addresses issues of business and professionalism. As an experienced technology consultant based in Middle Georgia, Najera shared important web-networking tips with Wesleyannes.

Google yourself

What does the Web say about you? Photo by Dana Amihere.

Najera pointed out that people are often unaware about the vast networking opportunities available through the World Wide Web. Daily networking tools like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can help not only to stay in touch with friends and family, but also to forge beneficial connections with prospective employers or references. He emphasized the need for students to sign up for the free accounts available in web-based networking sites, because it boosts an individual’s “web-presence.” Getting an idea of your current web-presence is as simple as just Googling yourself. The search should ideally yield results that introduces you and sheds a light on your activities. And narcissism-inducing as it sounds, Najera thinks it is vital for everybody to perform a Google search of themselves and make sure that the web search represents them favorably to prospective employers. If someone has no current networking account, then s/he runs the risk of having absolutely no web presence within the next twenty years. This can adversely affect a job hunter’s prospects. However, owning a networking account has its inherent risks.

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Account owners should ensure that they only post items on their accounts which improve their projected image towards the account viewers. For example, Najera uses his Facebook statuses to tell the world about his work, so that people can easily get an idea about his expertise and interests. Famous Facebook and Twitter apart, LinkedIn is another networking site, widely used by professionals to connect with others of similar interests. According to Larry Najera, it is essential that current job seekers open an account with LinkedIn. The entire Wesleyan community, especially seniors, were thankful to AKPsi for organizing this informative event.


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