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Campus Email Goes G-Mail!

Jackie Choi
Staff Reporter

Ever missed the deadline for your paper because the email attachment to your professor was maliciously delayed? What about the frequent power outage on campus that prevented you from your own email account? With the advent of new email system, it is safe to say that you can put away your worries and concerns over the unstable school email system!

Beginning on February 19, Wesleyan College is advancing the campus email system to the improved Google mail. There will be no change in students’ email address or the log-in ID and students can continue to use Outlook for managing emails. This change in the email system will ultimately upgrade students’ usage settings by providing many enhancements and significant increase in the mail storage capacity.

As many are aware, the current Wesleyan email system has held some major discomforts for users. One of them is the delay in message delivery caused by the frequent power service outages. Also, the required software and hardware upgrades have resulted in system downtime. Relatively small mailbox space and the tiresome mailbox backup process facilitated little in students’ convenience so far.

The new and improved email system of Google services provides redundancy in servers and a 99.9% uptime service level. In case of power or server outage on the entire campus, students, as well as off campus users can still continue to receive email messages. Additionally, the amount of effort and time invested on the email system backups will substantially be reduced with the new service. Personal data will be backed up routinely and one can retrieve deleted emails from the trash folder up to thirty days. Its data storage technology makes data theft extremely difficult, thus improving the security.

On a more personal level, Google Apps offers a method of sharing and editing documents online for collaboration. Users can access their email from a nice web page that is installation-free. The basic faculty, staff, and student distribution lists will be offered. Smartphones and iPhones can be utilized for the service, but service for Blackberry is not available.

During the transition period of few months, users will be able to receive emails both from the current Exchange accounts and Google, thanks to the process of dual delivery set up by the CIR department.

All these changes will occur on the 19th of February when the initial address book change is completed. On that day, the entire CIR department and CRAs will be on hand to assist faculty, staff and students with the transition. Wesleyan’s CIR department has been working diligently to facilitate the email system change. Should there be any question regarding the upcoming plan, students can get more info in the information session held by the CIR department.


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