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Equestrian is More than Horsing Around

By Lorikim Morris
Staff Reporter

Equestrian is, unfortunately, a very misunderstood sport. Outsiders may view it as a fancy sport, not hardcore at all like many other sports. As a former outsider myself, I always thought the sport was quite graceful and interesting, but I never thought I could ride a horse.

There are two forms of equestrian, here at Wesleyan, Hunt Seat and Western. For the unfamiliar, Hunt Seat is refers to the English version of the sport. Think back to the times of yore when men would wear fancy outfits, hunt for foxes and jump over fences.

First year Stephanie Jamison, Hunt Seat. Photo by Lorikim Morris.

The main focus of Hunt seat is maintain posture, poise and the ability to control the horse with as much ease and natural effort as possible. Western, as you may have guessed, is more of the Americanized version.

Sophomore Anna Plue competes as a Western rider. Photo by Lorikim Morris.

Think of cowboy hats, sparkly shirts and chaps. Western is a little more relaxed, but the rider, still needs to have the utmost control over the horse. Riding a horse takes guts, especially because the horse has a mind of its own.

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The Wesleyan College Equestrian Team competed in a Hunt Seat show, two Western shows and Western Regionals at Florida State University this past weekend, Fe. 6-7. All three Western riders competed at Regionals, which was held immediately after the second Western show. Brittany Thompson (Intermediate I) and Kaitlyn Rentz (Walk/Jog) both earned second place ribbons, allowing them to advance to the Western Semifinal which will be held March 27-28.

Source: Athletics News via http://www.wesleyancollege.edu


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