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This is what some people get when they sign up for internet dating sites. So not only does this person already feel like a failure in the dating world but now they are failures in the digital dating world too. But there is hope for this person yet! All they must do is chose a different site. So if at first you are turned down by eHarmony, have no fear match.com is here! Because everyone knows that if you’re looking for love you go to eHarmony, but if you just want a date go to match.com.

The surplus of online dating sites is just one more trend that shows us just how lazy and hypocritical we are as Americans. We have reached the point where people that are perfectly capable of finding others to date are opting to let the computer do it for them instead of doing the work of actually meeting new people themselves. Also many Americans that use these sites are opposed to arranged marriages, but at the same time they are completely okay with a data base telling them who to date and potentially marry.

These issues do not even come close to the main problem, people are liars. What happens when Tom decides to go on a date with “Mandy,” and Mark shows up? Or what about when Bill, the guy that looks 25 in his picture, has to explain that “That was an old picture, didn’t I tell you that?” So if you or friend is thinking about logging on and going out just remember that Superman might be only Clark Kent and Cat Woman might be just that old cat lady.


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