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Organizing Your Life

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Hey ladies,

Welcome to 2010! At the beginning of every New Year, everyone makes resolutions. Some people decide to lose weight, others try to stop smoking, and then there are people who just don’t give a crap. I tend to fall into that category. This year, however, I’ve made it my resolution to get organized.

Now, here at Wesleyan, most of the students are heavily involved on campus. And as you all know, sometimes we get buried under all the hustle and bustle that can sometimes overwhelm us. Therefore, we have to learn to organize! There are some Wesleyannes who are inherently good at this. Some may claim to have slight cases of OCD. Sadly, I am not in this category. For those of you out there who are like me, we have to sort through all the clutter in our brains (and rooms) and get things together!
Here are some tips on organizing your hectic life as a college student:

-Get a planner—write down EVERYTHING you have to do each day. (Well, not everything). This helps take stress out of your mind and onto the paper. If you can keep it up, you will be able to function must better, trust me.

-Do your laundry—I know you’re busy, but at least you’ll have clean pants!

-Clean your room—it may seem silly to you, but when your room is clean, you’ll feel accomplished and immediately organized.

-Use your drawers—they are there for a reason. It’s also good to get baskets to put inside the drawers to sort small things out, (like jewelry, hair stuff, desk supplies, etc.)

-Put up a calendar—look at it, use it, cherish it. Your calendar is your friend.

I sure hope this helped you Wesleyannes out there who needed a little less clutter. Some of us weren’t born with the organizing gene, but start off the year right and do your best to be organized. When you’re organized, you’ll become a better student. That’s all for now!

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