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FASHION| The Power of Mascara

By Sarah Hudson
Staff Columnist

You slowly open your eyes from a spectacular night’s sleep, still dazed from your dream about making sweet, passionate love to John Krasinski, roll over and check your phone. Oh sh*t, it’s 7:48, and you have to be in class in approximately twelve minutes. You leap out of bed frantically pee, brush your teeth, wash your face, throw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, and rush out the door. Sounds like a typical morning, right? Probably not the best start to a day, but it’ll do, right?


Because, you see, you’ve forgotten the most critical step to a morning regimen: mascara. Don’t get me wrong, peeing, washing your face, and brushing your teeth are all essential prerequisites to stepping out into the world. But applying mascara is the single most important thing you can do to instantly improve your appearance and mood.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, correct? And aren’t windows much more inviting when the curtains are drawn and the blinds are open? This is what mascara does to your eyes—it opens them and invites people to look inside. In a grand total of forty seconds (give or take depending on how many coats you like to apply), you can look more awake, attractive, and polished. Un-mascaraed eyes look dreary, sad, and without purpose. Do yourself and the people you’ll encounter during your day a favor and take those forty seconds to apply it.

Now you may be asking yourself, is it okay to wear mascara without any other makeup? Yes! Do not avoid mascara because you dread having to apply a face-full of makeup. It’s not necessary. Mascara is so effective that it can stand alone on your face. No eyeliner or eye shadow required.

Hopefully by now, you understand the gravity of choosing mascara in the morning. Now I will share some helpful mascara tips.

1)A little clumping never hurt anyone. I know many brands boast about their “clump-free” formulas, but I will shout from the rooftops: the more mascara, the better! So what if it goes on thick? It’ll attract more attention to your eyes. The only thing worse than not wearing mascara is wearing mascara without a purpose. I am not a one-coat, no-clump formula kind of girl. My mascara means business.

2) Be careful with a new tube. Keeping in mind the importance heavy application, sometimes the mascara wand can be too saturated with product when you first buy it. This can lead to mascara flakes all over your face, and it also limits the amount of control you have when applying. To solve this issue, simply take the wand and press it into piece of toilet paper, removing the excess product. After about three days, the product-to-wand ratio should be stable, and you can just apply it right out of the tube.

3) Stay away from waterproof. I do not know anyone who cries enough to justify wearing waterproof mascara. And if you do, then a psychiatrist is probably better suited to solve your problem, not Maybelline. Not only will waterproof mascara never really come off your face when you wash it (leaving you with perpetual raccoon eyes), it also doesn’t really work. Anyone who’s ever tried swimming in waterproof mascara knows this.

4) You don’t need to buy expensive mascara. I am admittedly a bit of a makeup snob. I will only buy MAC.

Colossal Volume Mascara by Maybelline. Photo via beaut.ie/Google Images.

However, mascara is where I can save because the cheap stuff works just as well (usually better!) than the $20-25 mascara. Don’t get me wrong, I love “BADGal” by Benefit and “DiorShow” by Christian Dior, but my “Colossal Volume” by Maybelline works wonders for a mere $6.

5) Stick with Black. I don’t care now “natural” you want to look or what color your hair is, everyone should wear black mascara. Skip the browns and soft blacks, they won’t make your eyes pop. Go for the glam black, blackest black—whatever sounds the most fabulous.

Mascara can single-handedly awaken and beautify your face. It is the cheapest, quickest thing you can do to in the morning to improve the quality of your day. Make sure you incorporate it into your routine immediately. Your eyes will thank you.


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