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“Senior Sem.” In Your Schedule

Nur-Taz Rahman
Copy Editor

Wesleyan College belongs to the distinguished group of schools, which describe themselves as Liberal Arts Colleges. This means students graduating from Wesleyan not only have in-depth knowledge in their area(s) of major, but also have holistic understanding of the entire world around them. This holistic education is ensured by multiple components of the Wesleyan curriculum, including, but not limited to: Wesleyan Integrative Seminar Experience (WISe); the critical thinking, laboratory science, quantitative reasoning, and artistic expression requirements; and the integrative experience requirement. The last one is more popularly known as “Senior Sem.” or Senior Seminar.

This is a course, which has to be taken by each graduating student during her Senior year, irrespective of her major. An essential course, it helps students to comprehend and cogitate the connection of their major subject(s) with the rest of the academic disciplines. For example, a Biology student maybe required to prepare presentations that describe how biology in the laboratory can be influenced by the socio-economic structure of a nation. All in all, these challenging courses prepare graduating seniors for facing the world with a more matured and comprehensive outlook.

Although Senior Seminar courses are typically offered during the Fall, many are offered during the Spring. A discussion with the academic advisor during the Junior year is pivotal to know beforehand what the schedule during the coming semesters will look like. Students with more than one major are required to take one Senior Seminar course for each subject that she is majoring in. Either 2 or 3 credits are assigned to these courses, and varies depending on the subject which it is being offered for. Since it is a major course for capping-off graduation requirements, each student should make sure that she is taking this course during her senior year when it is being offered. Otherwise, graduation may have to be postponed, which is not always a desirable scenario. Further information or queries regarding Senior Seminar courses can be directed to the Registrar’s Office on the first floor of Tate Hall.


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The Wesleyan Word is the official student newspaper of Wesleyan College. Operated and produced by students, The Word is printed twice per month during the fall and spring semesters. Online editions are released every Wednesday throughout the school year. Wesleyan College is a 4-year private residential college for women in Macon, Georgia. Established in 1836, Wesleyan College is the first college in the world to charter degrees to women.


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