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Dear Mr. President

Amanda Awanjo
Staff Reporter

It seems that the time for bi-partisan politics has passed. Your fanciful dreams of a congress able to put aside personal party agendas and work for the betterment of our falling nation, are wonderful apparitions indeed. Even though Republicans in the Congress are doing an amazing job of showing a particularly underwhelming side to their characters, the blame does not solely lie with them. Blame their constituents, who are more involved with being correct than being political. Those town hall meeting are an unsettling example, people didn’t come to those meeting to learn more about healthcare reform and make an informed decision, they came to quote Glenn Beck and Fox News, to reject any ideas not in line with theirs and fight to the death the “czars in Washington” as a Palin supporter said while speaking recently to the online news blog, The Young Turks. With your election Mr. President, you surely must have noticed the stringent rejection of working together; it seems that every time you mention working together to find a solution to the Nation’s pressing problems, conservative leaning senators seem to puff up with indignation with the power and prowess of a peacock. In your recent meeting with GOP leaders within the Senate and House of Representatives, Republicans played nice, citing the need for bipartisan legislation, all the while continuing to block bills, as vital as blood to America’s stabilization. In fact, the republicans are showing with great dexterity, just how possible it is for a minority party to control the congress, with numbers of filibuster dramatically increasing in the 110th Congress. Writer Ezra Klein offers a simple explanation, “If you want to understand why the earth is likely to heat and why comprehensive health reform is unlikely to pass and why the government is increasingly letting the Federal Reserve govern its response to the financial crisis”, blame it on the Republican filibuster.

Recently newly elected Scott Brown voted to break a republican filibuster for a jobs bill in the Senate. An action that should be rewarded by his conservative constituents claiming that the government is spending too much time worrying about healthcare while the unemployment continues to grow increasingly disastrous was met with hostility. His facebook and twitter pages overflowing with comments such as, “Scott Brown is a traitor” or “Senator Brown: You Weren’t Elected for Bipartisanship”. Mr. President, a disturbing conservative sect has emerged from these murky political times backed by the ever logical and witty political hockey mom machine Sarah Palin. The newly minted Tea Party movement, is growing in numbers and influence, going as far to claim credit for Scott Brown’s election to Massachusetts’ notoriously blue senate seat. This group was an alarming goal of acts such as Calls for “armed revolution, for the hanging of United States senators, and for secession” as reported by the Huffington Post. The welcoming slogan on Their website is “A community committed to standing together, shoulder to shoulder, to protect our country and the Constitution upon which we were founded!” complete with plenty of exclamation marks and numerous demands to take our country back. Between you and I, Mr. President, I am not sure where they think you’ve run off and hid it. These people are in essence what America is founded on, the freedom to protest the government, the right of the citizens to stick their hands in government, and trust they claim they have and I doubt they will hesitate in the future. How did this sect of conservative middle American women come into such a radicalized view of our country and your administration?

Blame Mr. President the numerous news organizations who are content to twist and scour the news for the sake of ratings, which have no real passion for the truth. Those news organizations that claim patriotism while purposely pushing the American people back with incorrect information and a biased world view. I think you know which news stations I am talking about. Recent polls have shown that Americans watching Fox News are more likely to be misinformed than viewers of any other News channel. I’m writing this letter, to inform of the less optimistic side of politics, to let you know that bi partisan politics does not seem to have a high priority number in both Republican legislators as well as their constituents. With re elections in November, I worry that the resistance you’ve seen those far is simply the tip of a long completely partisan and wholly immature political iceberg.


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