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A Review of Kings of Leon’s Come Around Sundown

By Krystal Miller
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Although the rock band Kings of Leon have been actively releasing albums since 2003, the band did not reach acclaim until the release of their album Only by the Night in 2008. The album spawned the hit singles, “Use Somebody” and “Sex on Fire”. In the Fall of 2010, the band released Come around Sundown the follow-up to their highly acclaimed album Only by the Night. The album cover provides peaceful scenery of two palm trees and water in sepia tone. It reminds one of a washed up 90210 teaser.
The musical consumer can expect beachy themes and undertones. The first track on the album is called “The End.” It starts off as a catchy rock beat that leads listeners into a state of well-being. The lead single, “Radioactive” is one of my favorite songs from the album, and once again, the beat takes off but unlike the previous, it makes the song a lot catchier. The third track, “Pyro” is slower than the previous tracks, but it is still a nice song to jam to. At first listen, the song “Mary” sounds like a track recorded in the early 60s rock era, especially with the heavy guitar playing in between the verses and the “HA HA HAs” coming in at the chorus. The song is mediocre at best. The next track however, “The Face” is probably my favorite song on the album. The music and the way the lead vocalist (Caleb Followill) sings the chorus particularly drew me into the song. The track “Ride out the Waves” invites the first glimpse into the beach theme of the album.

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“The Immortals” is a very nice track off the album, which starts off slow, but once the chorus warms up, you feel the need to gently head bang. “Back down South” sounds like a traditional country track, and is one of my least favorite songs on the album for that reason. “Beach Side” is the shortest track on the album, but, is less country and a lot catchier than the previous, but as a whole, the track is decent. The song, “No Money” sounds similar to a song heard prior, therefore I rated it ok. The next track “Pony Up” is actually bearable but, “Birthday” is the ballad of the album. The lyrical content “You look so precious with a bloody nose,” is confusing to me but the song is telling the mythical female protagonist that he will be around for her birthday. How original! (Sarcastic tone). The song is alright and average at most.

 “Mi Amigo” is probably the worst song on the album, and the least played on my pod. The lead singer’s (Caleb Followill) reference to his “male appendage” took it home for me. The album ends with the song “Pickup Truck,” which is about the singer trying to impress his girlfriend’s other man, by revving up his pickup truck, but the other guy says, “you call that a pickup truck?” I actually really like this song, but the lyrical content is terrible. After the first four or five songs on the album, I had to physically restrain myself to listen to another track. The lyrics for many of the songs makes you think of a 12 year old lyricist. As a whole, although there are a few nice songs on the album, many of the tracks sounded strikingly similar to one another, and it almost makes the album unoriginal. I suggest instead of buying the entire album, that you download your favorite tracks on iTunes, because as a whole, the album is average at best and YOU WILL EXPECT to hear similar beats within seconds of the first half of the album which makes you wonder, “Didn’t I just hear this song?” But if you lack creativity and prefer redundant things, then buy the album in its entirety for all I care.
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