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Suicide Attackers assault U.N. Office in Afghanistan


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Just recently in the news three Afghanistan attackers plus a suicide car bomber, who were all wearing police uniforms covered with burqas, according to Dilawar Shah Dilawar, deputy police chief of the Province of Heart, tried unsuccessfully attack to the U.N. office in Afghanistan. According to Dilawar, each attacker was strapped with suicide vests and AK-47’s. The horrifying attack began when the four radicals drove up to the U.N. bureau in a car packed with explosives. The first attack, even though unsuccessful was when they tried to fire a rocket towards the U.N.’s entrance. This, however, did not allow the attackers to get inside the gate, which was their primary goal, so that they could blow up the U.N.’s headquarters. When the attackers started to see that their initial plan was not working the original three attackers got out of the car and the fourth one stayed inside and blew himself and the car up. This did have the effect that the assailants wanted, and the gate was destroyed. The attackers, who were now able to approach the U.N. office, started to move towards the target and while they did Afghan guards engaged in and exchanged rapid gunfire with the attackers. Immediately the attackers were killed, but their message still lives. At what lengths will these radicals go to slay neutral armed forces in Afghanistan? They clearly had a target here and it was scary to think that they would make the destruction of a U.N. agency a priority on their political agenda. No NATO forces were hurt or killed, and only two Afghanistan soldiers have been reported as being wounded. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has denounced the assault, and said the United Nations was conducting a full investigation. “The unsettling attack did not and has not interrupted any U.N. activities,” according to U.N. personnel. While no U.N. activities were disturbed, it is ironic that the purpose of the U.N. in Afghanistan is to promote peace. It would appear that this was clearly not what the U.N. was doing in Afghanistan if they were being attacked. The purpose and the objectives of the U.N.’s agency in Afghanistan clearly need to be reevaluated if this is what’s happening.

Courtsey of Deb Riechmann’s article “Suicide Attackers assault U.N. Office in Afghanistan.”


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