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The Harry Potter Origins

Leah York


Once upon a time in the magical world of London, there lived an infant named Harry James Potter. He lived with his parents, Lily and James Potter, in Godric’s Hollow. For over a year Harry lived with his parents in relative peace. However, on Halloween night Harry’s perfect world came crashing down. You see, like every story with a villain, there was someone after the Potters. Lord Voldemort, otherwise known as Tom Riddle, had heard of a prophecy. This prophecy told of a boy, who was born at the end of the seventh month that would one day have a power that he knows nothing of. However, neither could live while the other survived. Voldemort decided that he would be the one to survive. Meanwhile, little Harry knew nothing of the prophecy while his parents did everything in their power to protect him. Alas, like all good things, they must end. On October 31st, Voldemort came to defeat Harry while he posed no threat to him as a baby. Yet, something miraculous happened. Voldemort’s curse rebounded off of Harry and back onto him, leaving Harry with a lightning bolt shaped scar and no parents because they had stood in his way.

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10 Years Later

Now ten, almost eleven, Harry lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin, his only surviving family members. Unlike his parents who had showered him with affection and love, his aunt and uncle treated him with disdain while using his presence in their house to get free labor. It was not until Harry’s eleventh birthday that his world came crashing down again. Harry began to receive letters, all from the same person. However, his uncle snatches them away and destroyed them before Harry could read them. Yet, the letters kept coming driving the uncle, Vernon Dursley, to take his family, including Harry, away for awhile. That night, in the midst of a storm on a tiny island, just as Harry wished himself a Happy Birthday, there was a boom followed by the door being knocked off its hinges.

In the doorway stood a VERY large man, who would later claim to be a half giant. Upon introducing himself as Hagrid, groundskeeper of Hogwarts, he revealed to Harry that Harry himself was a wizard. Harry would enter Hogwarts when the year started. On the train he would become fast friends with Ronald, Ron, Weasley. It would not be until the troll incident that Harry and Ron would form a lasting relationship with muggleborn, Hermione Granger. During the course of the year Harry would make friends, earn enemies, and once again come across Voldemort. However, that is another story. This was only the beginning of Harry Potter’s journey; throughout the rest of his school years Harry would have several adventures, each creating another year at Hogwarts.


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