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The Right Bra Is Looking For You!

Libby Peacock

Freelance Writer


Do you dread going bra shopping? Do you have an odd size or don’t know what size you are? When was the last time you were measured, if ever? Are you tired of bras that don’t fit comfortably? A comfortable bra is a must for women everywhere. We work hard; we should look good and be comfortable while doing it! I am a certified bra fitter who worked for a year before college at a lingerie store. One very important thing I learned while I was there was that women need help when it comes to their bras.

There are several misconceptions and irritations about bra shopping; but there are ways to make it easier. For one, it is important to know your correct bra size, as well as your alternate size. You can go to certain stores and be measured for your correct bra size. Do not feel embarrassed by doing this. You keep on your clothing and the women who measures you are trained to do so without making the customer feel uncomfortable. If you are unsure which stores have measuring services try Google before your next shopping trip. You can attempt it yourself or with the help of a friend, here’s how: take a measuring tape and measure underneath your breasts, try to get the tape in the center part of your back; this is your band size. Next, measure the widest part of your breasts, again keeping the tape straight on your back; this is your cup size. Every inch above your band size equals a different cup, for example, if you are a 38 band size and you measure your breasts at 40 then you are a B, etc. It is not an easy task if you are not used to it so try to find a time to get measured by a professional.

Also, I mentioned an alternate size, everyone generally has two sizes they can fit (most of the time it is a larger band size and a smaller cup size) for instance, if you where a 34C you might also be able to where a 36B. This can be beneficial information when you find a bra you like on sale but it is not necessarily in your true size.

Always try bras on! Whether it is in the store or you buy it and keep the receipt so you can try it on in your home, all bras are made and fit differently. Some tips when you are trying on a bra are: check if there are any places where you are “spilling out” this should not happen and can indicate a wrong size; look to see whether there is excess space between the fabric and your skin (this is especially common below the neck line); move around to see how the bra moves with your body and if it maintains its support; finally, put on your shirt and make sure the bra looks good under clothing. When you put on your shirt you should look for lines, places where your breast is “falling out” of the bra or unevenness due to lace or design.

Bras come in many different colors, design and size but never buy a bra because it is cheap or pretty, buy a bra for comfort and quality. Larger women should be especially careful when choosing a bra; try ones with wider straps, never get ones with excess padding (you have enough of your own and this can make your chest “spill out” and not give you enough support) and try on ones with and without underwire to find what is right for you. I have heard many women complain about the lack of color and design in larger sizes and sad to say that many times that is the case; however, studies have shown that girls are getting progressively larger in their bra sizes and some companies are starting to realize that fact.

Please feel free to contact me concerning any questions you have regarding this article; I would love to try and help you.



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