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The Right Bra Is Looking For You!

Libby Peacock Freelance Writer   Do you dread going bra shopping? Do you have an odd size or don’t know what size you are? When was the last time you were measured, if ever? Are you tired of bras that don’t fit comfortably? A comfortable bra is a must for women everywhere. We work hard; … Continue reading

Books for Blood-Sucker Buffs

Faithe Day Entertainment Guru   The last installment of the Twilight movies signals the official end of one of the most popular vampire series that has come out in the past few years. Although Twilight may be over, there is no need to fret. I have compiled a list of some of the top vampire … Continue reading

Movie Spotlight: The Help

Alicia Blease Entertainment Guru   Based on a book written by Kathryn Stockett, The Help is a film that captivates and inspires.  The Help is set in Jackson, Mississippi, during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and focuses on the racial tensions in this date and time.  What makes The Help unique from other … Continue reading

Etiquette in the Residence Halls

Donna Lawrence Freelance Writer We are well under way in the school year; I have had several conversations about one topic in particular, dorm etiquette.  And more precisely, it is the lack of dorm etiquette among the Wesleyan sisterhood, which is the inspiration behind this article.  This article will be a review for some and … Continue reading

5 Tips for an Education Major Completing Field Experience

Leah York Editor-in-Chief 1. Contact your observing teacher before going to the school, whether by e-mail or calling the school to arrange a meeting. *If you have NOT heard from your teacher within a week of sending an e-mail or calling the school it would best to go to the school directly. DO NOT wait … Continue reading

The Atlanta Adventure – Part 1

Humaira Taz Staff Writer   “Are we ready?” Dean Fowler asked. “Yes.” I replied, trying my best to suppress the storm of excitement, anticipation and nervousness blowing through my head as Dean Fowler started her car. We were off to Atlanta. I was one of the three lucky students (the other two being Jemima Suwa … Continue reading

HEY! Your Major is Showing!

Amanda Awanjo Co-Editor   Tate. Taylor. Murphy.  Munroe.  Sweaters stream through the hallways. Messenger bags brimming with titles that include , “Anatomy of the Sacred” or, “European Politics in the 19th Century”, maybe a Norton Anthology.  Thick glasses, paint beaten jeans, pony tails and afros are a common rhetoric among Wesleyans. It seems that smart … Continue reading

Spring Break : A Wardrobe Fling

Zelda Zonk Fashion Writer Put away your drab winter layers. Head to the farm for your fresh picked alternative, be sure to check out a classic twist on blue jeans (wide legs are back), and you can never go wrong with crisp white to update your wardrobe for spring. Don’t be too shy to mix … Continue reading

New York in the Time of Cholera

Amy Jackson Editor-in-Chief What do we really know about cholera, other than the fact, it was a shadowy character in Gabriel Garcia Márquez’s lush Nobel Prize winning novel Love in the Time of Cholera? For the most part, we know next to nothing. Several weeks ago, three unsuspecting adults, contracted the deadly disease becoming its … Continue reading

The Visitor

Amy D. Jackson Staff Reporter After, the H1N1 (Swine Flu) ‘epidemic scare’ people have been more than a little weary of the flu- they have become apprehensive. Unless you are a part of the medical team or simply medical by nature you don’t have a clue when the flu virus begins to stalk its prey. … Continue reading

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